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As the housing industry strives to meet demand, a shortage of labor is a perpetual problem. Recruiting, training, and hiring more women could help; they represent a minority of the workforce in many housing-related sectors, including building supply dealers and specialty trade contractors.

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The Aurora Highlands executive learns from her developer dad and other women mentors.

National design firm Mary Cook Associates published its third white paper in a series on the fundamentals of interior design. Here’s how the increase in working from home and other lifestyle changes have affected the multifamily and single-family development process, and what designers can do to adapt.

Builders remain cautious, though optimistic about the operating environment and pricing trends in October.

Conference rooms, free Wi-Fi, and co-working spaces are some of the most common business and technology services at multifamily housing developments, according to new research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.