What a Well-Ventilated Home Means

By: Panasonic

A well-designed ventilation system provides many benefits. The best ventilation system can dilute or eliminate pollutant sources and filter...


Experts Forecast Bolder Home Exterior Color Choices in 2021

Homeowners increasingly opt for darker neutrals and shades inspired by nature.


Use These 14 Important Patterns in Your Biophilic Homes

A pair of biophilic design experts outline the must-have features in biophilic homes.

Best HVAC For Industrial Lofts

By: Mitsubishi Electric

“Even if we’ve completely gutted the place and started from scratch, they see the old industrial footprint and assume...


5 Top Home Exterior Design Trends for 2021

A variety of factors will go into—and onto—the houses of tomorrow.

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Builders Find Success with Zero-Energy-Ready Homes By Focusing on the Details

Experts offer five best practices for building net-zero-ready homes.


Is Building Net-Zero-Ready Homes Right For You?

If you’re wondering whether building net-zero ready homes is worth the effort, it’s worth looking at the numbers. Here are five key statistics we uncovered in our reporting that you’ll want to consider.


States Where Energy Efficiency Sells


Scope of the Single-Family Rental Housing Market


The Next Big Opportunity for Home Builders: ‘Home as a Service’

Home as a service would be especially useful for the complex equipment that goes into Thrive’s efficient homes, Rectanus finds. Not every HVAC technician knows how to service an energy recovery ventilator, for...


4 Big Innovations in Homebuilding: Smart Homes, Automation Lead the Way

In Part 2 of Utopia’s exclusive research report, housing leaders share the innovations that have provided the foundation for the future.

14 Stunning House Siding Ideas

By: Allura

The exterior of your home or building is just as important as its foundation or its interiors. That’s why so many people put such emphasis on finding just the right house siding. ...

Building Science

64 Housing Leaders Reveal What They Would Change About Homebuilding

A new Utopia research report sheds light on the top 7 obstacles homebuilders face in today’s market.

Stay Comfortable When the Weather is Unpredictable


Homes designed to provide basic needs when storm-related outages occur.


5 Reasons Why Smart Builders Love Chatbots

Early adopters of AI-driven chatbots have been able to boost their conversion rates for appointments and contracts by up to 50%.

Work From Home (WFH)

Remote Work, eLearning Push Americans to Move, Remodel

If you’re wondering whether and how to adapt your new homes in response to 2020’s widespread remote work and eLearning situations, a new report has answers.


New Competition Looks to Accelerate Large-Scale Production of Zero-Energy, High-Performance Homes

The Smart Decathlon for innovative Professionals (SDiPro) will feature both virtual and physical models of homes that push the possibilities of healthy, resilient, energy-efficient, and smart homes.


The Best New Homes of 2020, As Rated by Architects

The jury for AIA's 2020 Housing Awards presents seven winning projects, from a modern infill housing development to a tranquil multi-generational retreat.