UTOPIA on-demand webinar offers expert advice on healthy and clean homes from a public builder, a new-home design trends expert, and a healthy home tech maker.

Housing market experts from the New Home Trends Institute share their top 21 home design trends for 2021.

From smart home tech to personalized spaces to lifestyle-driven design, housing market experts from the New Home Trends Institute share the top 21 home design trends for 2021.

The "Lived-in Luxury" design approach enables builders, remodelers, and other professionals to redefine the very concept of luxury with tailored solutions that feel both “cozy” and “couture” at the same time.

American homeowners continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on maintaining and upgrading their homes. In 2019, more than 6.5 million homeowners spent more than $27 billion on HVAC and insulation alone, according to "Improving America's Housing 2021," a new report by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. 

UTOPIA spoke with several early adopters and industry experts on the startup process for establishing a successful virtual sales and design center. Their advice is presented in the UTOPIA Virtual Sales Center Startup Guide.

Here are three fundamental strategies to keep in mind when planning to incorporate elements of biophilic design into upcoming projects.

A 1920s-era home undergoes a major energy-efficient transformation with mini-splits.