Trends in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for Healthy Homes [WEBINAR]

Join Utopia editors and healthy home experts as we explore best practices, emerging trends, and new technology innovations in indoor air quality (IAQ) for healthy homes. Watch on demand. 
On-demand Utopia Webinar: Innovations and Trends in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for Healthy Homes

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Superior IAQ is no longer an option for home buyers; it is a must-have in this post-pandemic world. As homeowners spend more time indoors at home, it is more important than ever to ensure that all is being done to promote a healthier home environment.

This on-demand webinar will address solutions for optimizing indoor air quality, focusing on healthy home initiatives that can help construction industry builders, residential and commercial developers, realtors, contractors and designers meet client needs. This free webinar is hosted by UTOPIA and is sponsored by Panasonic.

Our experts will address:

  • Effective ventilation strategies 
  • Air filtration and purification technologies
  • Air quality monitoring, and
  • Low-VOC materials 

Our panel of experts includes:

Jenni Lantz, Design Lens Jenni Lantz
 Senior Manager
 John Burns Real Estate Consulting

After joining John Burns Real Estate Consulting over 6 years ago, Jenni started working on consumer research and then took over running DesignLens in 2017. She curates and creates the content for DesignLens and tracks design trends around the country. Jenni previously worked for Bassenian Lagoni Architects supporting their marketing, land planning, and design departments. Jenni is based in Denver, Colorado and holds a B.A. in Theater from California State University, Fullerton.

Phillippe Lord, Meritage Homes Phillippe Lord
 Meritage Homes

 Phillippe Lord succeeded Steve Hilton as CEO of Meritage Homes on January 1, 2021. Lord was instrumental in formulating and implementing the Meritage Homes strategy to focus on the entry-level and first move-up markets, while drivingoperational excellence throughout the organization. Lord joined Meritage in 2008, utilizing his market expertise to create the Company’s Strategic Operations and Market Research department, responsible for providing analysis and recommendations on all land acquisitions, product and pricing. He was later promoted to West Region President and became Chief Operating Officer in 2015.

Russell Pope, Panasonic Russell Pope
 Healthy Home Expert/Product Management
 Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America, IAQ Division

 Russell Pope manages the Product Management team for Panasonic Life Solutions, North America. Russell has over 15 years of experience in the residential ventilation industry and genuinely enjoys his job with Panasonic and the opportunities it provides. Russell serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Home Ventilating Institute, is active on the Board of Directors for EEBA, is a participant in ASHRAE 62.2, ENERGY STAR, Department of Energy Programs, and Codes and Standards development.

David Barista, Utopia.png David Barista
 Content Director

 David Barista has covered the U.S. construction industry for more than 19 years, including multiple editorial roles at Building Design+Construction magazine, where he currently serves as Editorial Director. He also leads content direction for UTOPIA, SGC Horizon’s new media platform for innovation and advancements in the U.S. housing sector.