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Borrow these five design ideas from ProBuilder’s 2021 Show Village and improve your home office offerings.

Expert builders share strategies they use to make ultra-energy efficient homes doable and profitable in their markets. 

There are reasons the industry hasn’t fully embraced innovation. And there are ways to get past that.

Here are practical tips on getting the best look and sound from the various WFH video conferencing platforms.

The pandemic’s continued influence is having an impact on the functionality and appearance of the exterior space, as well as how the industry views color palettes.

Advances in heat pump technology allow for healthier, more energy-efficient electric houses.

Homebuilding giant KB Home has partnered with the Well Living Lab to create a concept home for the post-COVID-19 housing market.

At an innovation incubator funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation and supported by NREL, early-stage housing industry firms get their ideas ready for the marketplace.

Safety, wellness, and daily conveniences are among the top benefits of smart homes, according to homeowners and homebuyers.

Life is complicated. There are times when all we want is a little more ease and tranquility. Living in a smart home can simplify our lives and improve our quality of life.