Tiny Home

California-based Azure Printed Homes 3D prints accessory dwelling units using recycled plastic.

Studio One Eleven finds that modular construction can be a more cost-effective, efficient way to deliver affordable housing.

In collaboration with Spacial, the biggest prefabrication company in the northern United States, CAZA has developed sustainable and customizable accessory dwelling units throughout the country.

Despite the challenges COVID-19 presented, Rice Architecture’s design-build program engaged the community in helping design an energy-efficient Auxiliary ADU.

The recipients demonstrate innovative, sustainable design. And several show that, with housing, small can be mighty.

Interest in ADUs and Tiny Homes have skyrocketed over the past few years. HomeAdvisor surveyed 1,800 Americans to find out what makes these dwellings both attractive and concerning.

As the tiny-homes market grew, industry members sought common standards.

Thinking of downsizing? This Georgia project shows that micro living can deliver major benefits.