Feeling Zoom Burnout? You Need This App

By: Utopia Staff

Four months into the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s safe to say the collective business world is utterly sick of Zoom. And Meet. And Teams. And Skype. And every other streaming video platform in existence.

The cutesy backdrops were fun for a few weeks. The virtual happy hours? Maybe a few more.

But being forced to stare at your colleagues, clients, and friends for hours on end eventually takes its toll on even the most-hardened business meeting champions.

Zoom burnout is real. Zoom is not going away. Is there a better way?

Tech industry veteran Phil Libin believes so. The former Evernote CEO is beta-testing a Zoom plugin app that could transform the video streaming meeting forever.

Called Mmhmm (yes, that’s the name), the app gives presenters the ultimate control over what’s displayed on their screen during live video calls, from classic static backdrops to interactive screens that can display slides, videos and other media in the speaker’s background. Presenters can adjust their location on screen, shrink and enlarge themselves, and even fade and disappear altogether–to enhance the view of the presentation slides. Users can also airplay any media from their phone, from video to live TV to Instagram images and TikToks.   

Users can adjust their size and location to give emphasis to the presentation.

Fast Company calls the app a “Weekend Update-style makeover” for Zoom.

Libin walks through the many features of Mmhmm in this debut video on YouTube:

More about the Mmhmm app.