Start ups

The Last Mile Lab combines workforce training and industry innovation to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive way to build new housing.

California-based Azure Printed Homes 3D prints accessory dwelling units using recycled plastic.

On3 engages builders, manufacturers, and trades in the creation of learning and development videos that meet their people’s needs.

Cloud Apartments envision a renters-first mindset to modular housing: sleek, innovative, and affordable.

What’s the deal with modular homes, and does public perception of the practice affect the way we view them? These offsite builders give their input.

A startup loyalty program incentivizes tenants to pay rent on time and landlords to reward them for it. uses human mobility data to track area trends—a tool builders could utilize for a leg-up in the market.

Two organizations join forces to help fill the construction labor gap by means of education and connection.