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Swidget Smart Controls marries smart device automation with Panasonic’s indoor air quality management—but the modular product does much more than that.
Panasonic Swidget inserts grid

Swidget lets you choose from a suite of customizable sensing and convenience options to empower your home 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Photo courtesy Swidget Corp.

Air quality is becoming increasingly important to homeowners and builders alike. According to a Panasonic study, 97% of homeowners indicated they’re more likely to invest in indoor air quality solutions after being exposed to the facts of our homes’ poor air.

One of those solutions? Swidget.

Swidget is a product line that combines wiring devices—wall outlets, light switches, dimmers—with modular, customizable inserts. Several inserts deal with smart sensors, such as air quality and humidity monitoring, and all Swidget inserts are Wi-Fi capable.


Partnering with Panasonic, Swidget Corp. looks to combine healthy home automation with smart controls.

Through interchangeable inserts, homeowners can empower their home with the smart tech, using the Swidget App to control devices and set automated tasks. Users can connect their Alexa or Google Assistant to enable voice control as well.

Panasonic swidget inserts list
Swidget products include standard outlets, dimmers, and control switches paired with modular inserts that monitor an array of things. Photo courtesy Panasonic

Swidget is also able to detect motion and temperature changes, as well as energy use through the outlet. Some inserts provide light, USB charging, or simple power control.

Because 62% of builders recommend that homebuyers invest in IAQ technology, what are the ways this can be done with Swidget?

The Swidget becomes a modular machine when combined with external devices and products. For example, Swidget Smart Controls can detect unhealthy air and automatically control Panasonic’s ventilation products. The set-it-and-forget-it system allows homeowners to leave purification, circulation, heating/cooling, and ventilation to the smart device.

There are a wide variety of indoor air quality solutions available. Protecting the home from mold and mildew can be achieved by combining Panasonic’s WhisperGreen fan with the Swidget 20/40/60 Timer Control Switch and the Temp/Humi/Motion Sensor insert.

Panasonic swidget protects from mold and mildew
How the Swidget Timer Control Switch can be paired with a sensor insert and Panasonic’s WhisperGreen Select Fan to turn on/off a bathroom fan. Photo courtesy Panasonic

Swidget can do more than just monitoring air quality. Because all inserts are able to use Wi-Fi, homeowners can turn their old appliances into smart ones. Imagine the coffee maker turning on at sunrise, or porch lights activating at sunset.

The company suggests that builders can utilize Swidget by installing the Smart Ready wiring devices, but let homeowners, installers, or service providers choose the inserts for later customization.

What makes Swidget really innovative is its easy and future-proof design. After installing the desired insert and wiring device into an outlet, it’s ready to be paired via the app. And down the line, if the homeowner chooses to move, they’re able to take it out of the wall and bring the Swidget with them.

For builders, it lets them build a home with today’s technology, but ready for tomorrow’s. In fact, one builder is already putting Panasonic’s tech to the test.


Jay Epstein, President/Builder/Developer of Healthy Communities, is the first of many developers to implement the Swidget. Pairing the product with Panasonic’s WhisperAir™ Repair, Epstein is building a custom home in Williamsburg, Va. powered by Panasonic Solar.

The results, so far, are breathtaking for Epstein.

“I feel like a kid in a candy store,” says Epstein. “We’re finally seeing this technology that can reduce our carbon footprint without increasing costs to the homebuyer.”

One exciting factor for Epstein is that the Swidget is both simple and smart, appeasing both of his primary buyer groups: retirees and techies. Those who want to be all-in can monitor their homes’ energy use through the app and swap out modules whenever they please. Others who are more hands-off might gain an understanding of the product from the builder, pick a few inserts, and live an enhanced energy-efficient lifestyle.

Obviously, the introduction of smart devices brings forth concerns of privacy and security. According to Swidget, the homeowner has full control over their data and how they choose to share it.

With data auto-deletion, and device-level privacy controls, users can pick and choose which devices can be accessed or controlled by voice assistants, or other third-party services that they may want to use.

Swidget products are developed with an adherence to the highest manufacturing, data privacy, and cybersecurity standards, according to the company.

To learn more about Swidget Smart Controls, visit Panasonic's website or download the PDF brochure below.

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