5 Things Builders Need To Know About Selling Healthy Homes

Download this free 10-page guide for marketing and selling green, energy-efficient, and sustainable homes.
5 Things Builders Need To Know About Selling Green Homes

Rise has released a 10-page PDF guide with helpful advice on marketing and selling green, energy-efficient homes. Download the report for free (short registration required) by clicking the download button below.

Green, natural, sustainable, eco-friendly: What do these terms mean?

Product marketing is full of "greenwashing" terms, without much in the way of specifics or evidence. Consumers are getting more wary of false advertising, but they still want products and services that fit their values.

So, how do you talk to homeowners and homebuyers about sustainability? 

Two ways: One, be specific, and two, focus on outcomes that are real and impactful. Instead of "eco-friendly," consider terms like "low footprint" or "low emissions." In lieu of "energy efficient," try something like "money-saving" or "comfort." 

Perfecting the terminology used in your sales and marketing efforts is a big first step to success in selling green, sustainable, and energy-efficient homes.


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To help builders and remodelers market and sell green homes, Rise has developed a new 10-page guide: 5 Things You Need To Know About Selling Sustainability. This guide is available for free download to Utopia members (short registration required). 

For a deeper dive into marketing and selling healthy and sustainable homes, Rise has created an online education course, Marketing the Benefits of Healthy and Sustainable Homes: Translate Technical Jargon Into Compelling Storytelling For Homeowners ($39 for all three education modules). The one-hour course offers practical advice for builders and remodelers on how to: 

  • Compare and contrast the different buyer personas and understand how to speak to what matters most to them.
  • Translate product details to homeowner benefits.
  • Develop marketing strategies to communicate sustainable knowledge and attract more business.