Modular Innovation: Do buildings have to be permanent?

Some consider modular construction to be innovative, while others see it as an unsustainable practice. What if we look at it through the lens of urban growth, permanence, and the world's ever-changing nature?

In Freethink's YouTube series Hard Reset, the model of prefabricated construction is equated to LEGOs. Companies like iMod Structures use modular building to plant classrooms wherever they're needed—reconfiguring, relocating, and reusing their prefabs.

We live in a world that is growing, moving, and changing—a shift that has been especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where empty office buildings are plentiful. What if these buildings were built modularly, and we could divide it up into sections and turn it into multifamily housing instead?

Though it seems like there could be endless possibilities with modular, it may take more disruption for it to be an every-day practice.