Top 10 Security Services at Multifamily Housing Developments for 2021

Keyless entryways, video surveillance, and wireless connectivity top the list for desired security systems at multifamily housing developments, according to research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.
CCTV systems remain high on the list of desired security systems at multifamily developments in 2021.

CCTV systems remain high on the list of desired security systems. Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

One of the biggest ways we make our homes feel safe and sound is through good home security. Now more than just a lock and a key, developers are finding new ways to make security effective, easy, and affordable.

As one respondent to the 2021 Multifamily Amenities Study noted: “apartments are still most attractive if they create a feeling of ‘home.’”

The study conducted by Multifamily Design+Construction had 342 industry professionals rank the top 131 amenities that they’re providing in today's apartment and condominium communities. This ongoing research project includes surveys conducted in 2017, 2019, and 2021. 

The makeup of the 2021 survey respondents includes architects/interior designers (34.9%), developers/owners/property managers (30.5%), construction professionals (21.4%), consultants (5.0%), engineers (3.2%), and others allied to the multifamily housing field (5.1%).

Top 10 Security Services at Multifamily Housing Developments

Top 10 Security Services at Multifamily Developments from the 2021 Multifamily Amenities Study

Keyless entry holds up for the third time, with 71% of respondents indicating its inclusion in their multifamily projects. Keyless entry is a service that will likely remain at the top of the list, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made almost everything touchless/wireless now.

In addition to entryway access by card, FOB, or QR code, a wireless entry system is also something that almost a third (33%) of multifamily developments include. One-fourth (25%) have also created the option for private entryways, and 18% of respondents report including a private elevator service.

Video surveillance systems have remained at the No. 2 spot for years, and the percentage has only gone up. Nearly 67% of respondents installed CCTV cameras at their developments in 2021—an increase from 62% in 2019, and 59% in 2017.

Some areas that still made the list might take a while to gain mass adoption. Just 7% of developers included a baby stroller secured storage system, and less than 6% implemented biometric recognition systems. A number of respondents said that the development’s security system was “not our area of expertise” or “owner installed.”

Some specific systems mentioned by respondents include Amazon Alexa and Ring, AT&T Fiber Services, Google Nest, Vivent, iRobot, and more that you can find in the report below.

The 2021 Multifamily Amenities Study ranks amenities and features across nine other building areas:
• Top ‘smart connectivity’ systems
• Top 10 outdoor amenities
• Top 10 indoor amenities
• Top 10 recreation services
• Top 10 quality of life amenities
• Top 10 business and technology services
Top 10 convenience services
• Top children's services
• Top services for pets
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• BONUS: List of ‘first-time amenities’ for developers

For the full 16-page PDF report, click the DOWNLOAD THE REPORT button below.

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