Top 10 Business and Technology Services at Multifamily Housing Developments for 2021

Conference rooms, free Wi-Fi, and co-working spaces are some of the most common business and technology services at multifamily housing developments, according to new research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.
Conference room ranks number one for multifamily housing business and technology services

Conference room ranks number one for multifamily housing business and technology services. Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

When it comes to housing development in this day and age, technology services are paramount to a successful project. That is why developers and their building teams are focused on Wi-Fi, business centers, and smart home technologies.

The 2021 Multifamily Amenities Study conducted by Multifamily Design+Construction had 342 industry professionals rank the top 131 amenities that they’re providing in today's apartment and condominium communities. This ongoing research project includes surveys conducted in 2017, 2019, and 2021. 

The makeup of the 2021 survey respondents includes architects/interior designers (34.9%), developers/owners/property managers (30.5%), construction professionals (21.4%), consultants (5%), engineers (3.2%), and others allied to the multifamily housing field (5.1%).

Top 10 Business and Technology Services at Multifamily Housing Developments

Top 10 Business and Technology Services at Multifamily Developments

With working from home being ever-so essential, it’s no surprise that conference rooms (55.2%) and business centers (52.7%) top the list for business and technology services in 2021. It’s also not inconceivable that these two services shared the same space in many apartment projects—perhaps along with a computer lounge or phone-charging station.

Free Wi-Fi dropped in percentage from the past few years, from 59.8% in 2017 to 43.6% in 2021. This could be explained by the subsequent increase in paid Wi-Fi: up from 19% in 2019 to just over 27% in 2021. Regardless, both make the list as vital amenities in any multifamily housing project.

Other items from the 2021 survey include: individually metered utilities (48.2%), high-speed fiber-optics services (47.3%), co-working spaces (33.5%), and smart home technology (28.7%).

The 2021 Multifamily Amenities Study ranks amenities and features across nine other building areas:
• Top ‘smart connectivity’ systems
• Top 10 outdoor amenities
• Top 10 indoor amenities
Top 10 convenience services
• Top 10 quality of life amenities
Top 10 recreation services
• Top 10 security services
• Top children's services
• Top services for pets
• BONUS: COVID-19 impact on amenities
• BONUS: List of ‘first-time amenities’ for developers

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