Will King Wins ‘Best of Social’ for Jobsite Mascot: Moses!

Huber ‘Best of Social’ winner Will King traded fighting fires for designing and building better homes for his community. (And his pal, Moses!)
Homebuilder posing with dog in front of doghouse made from Zip tape

Will King’s ZIP System dog house is fully exposed to Alabama weather—but holds up just fine! Photo courtesy High Cotton Homes

This is Will King, custom homes builder and owner of High Cotton Homes, a full service design-build homebuilding company. As a firefighter turned home builder, King observed the need for high-performance homes in the Shoals Area of Alabama.

After flipping and renovating homes, he left his fire and rescue job to focus on his new business—High Cotton Homes.

King is one of many builders who use social media to expand their influence, and connect with like-minded people. What High Cotton does a bit differently than other social media builders, however, is focus not just on the building side, but on design as well.


“We definitely cater to the custom homes market, balancing our posts between building science and design,” says King. This approach opens up their reach beyond builders, and shows off High Cotton’s design-build business approach.

Single-family home 3D design to real life build
King believes that High Cotton’s design-build approach to business and social media sets them apart from other builders. Photo courtesy High Cotton Homes

His social media platform of choice? Instagram—and many other builders echo that preference.

While Facebook has its certain appeals (easy link sharing, integrated group creation) the site’s demographics don’t skew in favor of younger builders, according to King. Instagram seems to be the go-to choice for Millennials, as more than half (54%) of them use the platform regularly. Millennial builders are no different.

“My wife, [Brooke], is a Nurse anesthetist (CRNA) by profession, but has been running all of our social media content basically as a full-time job,” King says. For High Cotton Homes, the business’ consistent social media presence is a "lifesaver," according to him.

The Grove single-family home at sunset
The Grove by High Cotton Homes includes five bedrooms, coffered ceilings, and airtight insulation. Photo courtesy High Cotton Homes

In fact, some builders get recognition from their use of social media. Huber Engineered WoodsBest of Social Awards were created to celebrate builders who have helped ignite a passion for better building online in their own unique way, and show appreciation for the growing digital community.

King and the rest of High Cotton Homes have received multiple awards from Huber’s program. Most recently, the team received an award for Best Jobsite Mascot—Moses!

Dog at jobsite with best of social award
Moses posing for his 2022 ‘Best Jobsite Mascot’ award From Huber Engineered Woods. Photo courtesy High Cotton Homes


The beloved family dog would go everywhere with King and his wife, Brooke, as a puppy. Visiting the jobsite, he worked his paws off sporting Advantech collars and lounging in his custom Zip tape doghouse.

According to the team, Moses has been with High Cotton Homes from the beginning. Shortly after receiving the award, he unfortunately passed away.

“He represented us so proudly,” writes High Cotton Homes. “We will always cherish this memory of him!”

Instagram post screenshot dog at jobsite
“His love for family, home, cornbread and pillows made him the best mascot we could ever ask for ❤️” — @highcottonhomes on Instagram. Photo courtesy High Cotton Homes

Huber’s Best of Social awards program has provided some longevity for King. In addition to the virtual connections with other builders and companies, he goes on yearly fishing trips with some of the other award-winners.

From community-building ventures to mixed-use and workforce development, Huber’s program recognizes influential builders all over the social media landscape.

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