Custom Home Meets Custom Gym in Dalamar-Crane Fitness Partnership

Dalamar Homes has partnered with Crane Fitness Equipment to serve customers in the home fitness space. Their mission? To walk alongside customers through every stage of the design process—integrating their needs and desires to create a forever home they will love.
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Affordability and a variety of choices are two big values for the partnership. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Dalamar Homes, a female-owned custom home builder based in Middle Tennessee, recently partnered with Clarksville-based Crane Fitness Equipment to expand its custom home offerings. The partnership opens up an opportunity for Dalmar Homes’ customers to incorporate uniquely designed fitness spaces into their custom home layouts. 

Dayla Martin, the founder of Dalamar Homes has always envisioned customers to be a huge part of the custom home building process. Founded in 2006, Dalamar’s innovative home building process allows customers to choose from various products and finishes to match their style preferences, including design options for interior spaces, exterior finishes, and pool design.

Dalamar has also been a strong community advocate and partners with nonprofits across the region to address some of the homelessness and housing issues. Now, the company is looking to give their customers more options in the fitness space of their homes.


“We’re eager to continue expanding our service offerings to allow customers to design homes that are uniquely theirs while incorporating spaces suited to their lifestyles,” Martin said. “Our new partnership with Crane Fitness Equipment is an exciting step in that direction, enabling customers to design more creative fitness spaces and personal gyms.” 

When it comes to this specific partnership between Dalamar Homes and Crane Fitness Equipment, it seems like a match made in heaven. Both companies are female and family owned. Both have an interest in putting the customer first, and including them in the design process. Owned by Mark and Katie Crane, the company focuses on garage gym consultation, design, and outfitting.

One of the main priorities for Crane Fitness Equipment is affordability for customers. Their intention is to offer customers a huge variety of personal workout space packages, while still being affordable. Additionally, the customer does not have to go along with a specific option that is offered by Crane Fitness. Much like Dalamar Homes, Crane Fitness encourages customers to make suggestions or further customize the packages based on their preferences.

According to Dalamar, the industry has been in the domain of "grizzled guys raised in construction" for too long, with far too little focus on buyer preferences, cost-effective design choices, and transparency with the customer on their choices. The company strives to deliver homes that meet the needs and dreams of its homebuyers.

"Homes are more than their value, but the value is usually important to consider as part of the dream, we at Dalamar Homes care for the customer, and understand the need to blend the complex choices available to get the best home for our customer." Dalamar Homes

Both Dalamar Homes and Crane Fitness understand the value of customer experience and service, and they will work together with the customer to give them exactly what they want. Affordability and a variety of choices are two values that set a foundation for a thriving partnership.

“Our team is thrilled to partner with Dalamar Homes to provide affordable, uniquely designed workout spaces to custom home builders,” said Mark Crane, co-owner of Crane Fitness Equipment. “As female-owned and family-owned companies, we feel aligned in our goal of creating customized spaces that customers and their families can enjoy and cherish for years to come.”

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