Live, Work, Play

New Martha’s Vineyard development emphasizes connection and wellness through “flex rooms” and unique technology implementations.

National design firm Mary Cook Associates published its third white paper in a series on the fundamentals of interior design. Here’s how the increase in working from home and other lifestyle changes have affected the multifamily and single-family development process, and what designers can do to adapt.

The National Association of Home Builders looks into how the pandemic affected  home buying in this 2021 survey.

The DOE funds 10 projects to test innovations in efficiency.

A recent report from Bank of America shows how the family unit both prepares and assists first-generation owners in buying their first home.

Amid pandemic-era changes, the market entices investors and renters alike.

New homes are getting bigger and more flexible, according to recent data and surveys.

A New York firm shows that large-scale housing developments can be both sustainable and affordable.