labor shortage

Offsite construction is a viable option for homebuilding, but what should you know before getting into it? The New Home Trends Institute details six factors to consider for modular development.

Pay isn’t their top consideration, according to a recent survey conducted by Building Talent Foundation.

NCCER’s CareerStarter platform wants to be the place where employers, educators, and job seekers all come together.

The industry is in dire need for talent. Creating an inclusive culture for women and underrepresented minorities might just be the best chance of closing the gap.

Even as they constructed more homes in 2021 than the year before, builders couldn’t keep up with demand.

Builders rank material price and availability as the biggest problems they faced in 2021—and expect to remain in 2022.

Two organizations join forces to help fill the construction labor gap by means of education and connection.

As the housing industry strives to meet demand, a shortage of labor is a perpetual problem. Recruiting, training, and hiring more women could help; they represent a minority of the workforce in many housing-related sectors, including building supply dealers and specialty trade contractors.