heat pumps

Not all heat pumps are equal — understand the differences between your options.

​​How homeowners can benefit from the all-electric energy transition.

Capture home buyers in your market today by effectively demonstrating the benefits of electric homes.

The warmer climate of the South has long made heat pumps a more practical option in new homes compared to forced-air furnaces. In regions with harsher winters, the majority of new home builders tend to stick with furnaces, although heat pumps have been making some incremental gains in the West and Northeast in recent years. 

For builders who are constructing net zero or zero-ready homes, electric heat pumps are frequently a better way to achieve energy efficiency and healthy air goals than a gas-fired, forced-air furnace. 

A shift to onsite building for this year’s solar home competition inspires innovation and real-world marketability.

Advances in heat pump technology allow for healthier, more energy-efficient electric houses.