6 Residential Projects That LEED the Pack in Sustainability

By: Utopia Staff

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LEED Platinum New England Farmhouse

This preserved, historical 1897 farmhouse in Weston, Mass., was certified LEED Platinum, as the gut rehab was able to divert 94 percent of demolition and construction waste material from landfill. The 7,640-square-foot home was designed to maximize natural interior light and provide plentiful space for exercise and meditation.

Project: GPD 346 Highland, Weston, Mass.
Design by Green Phoenix Development
Photo: Greg Premru Photography

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LEED Platinum Dallas Show House

The Greenlab show house demonstrates how intentionally integrating smart systems and green technology early on in development can reduce a property’s carbon footprint. An innovative filtration system provides purified water and an irrigation process captures, filters, and utilizes graywater alongside a rainwater harvesting system to support the native xeriscape landscape.

Project: Greenlab, Dallas
Design: https://www.usgbc.org/people/gary-olp/0000017650 by Adrienne Akin Faulkner, Faulkner Design Group, and Gary Gene Olp, GGO Architects
Photo: Green Sofa Productions

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Sustainable LEED Gold Home on a Hillside

The 4,572-square-foot Sikes Residence is nestled into the hillside and is sited to preserve existing trees. The site has a minimal amount of conventional yard; most of the site is undisturbed or planted with low-maintenance native and adaptive species. The project is designed to manage 100% of its stormwater, mimicking the pre-development hydrology of the site.

Project: Sikes Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio
Design by Sol Design + Consulting
Photo: Sol Design + Consulting

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LEED Gold High-rises Bring Luxury Living to Guadalajara, Mexico

Spanning 704,641 square feet, Iconia Cubos Luxury Living is a mixed-use, LEED Gold complex that includes two apartment towers, a hotel, and a mall. The building was designed to improve energy efficiency, achieving 19 percent energy savings. All rainwater is reused onsite, and greywater from the hotel is also treated onsite and reused in restrooms.

Project: Iconia Cubos Luxury Living, Guadalajara, Mexico
Design by EOSIS
Photo courtesy of USGBC

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High-performance Residential Campus Brings Green Living to the Masses

Designed with sustainability, wellness, and affordability in mind, the 40-unit LEED Gold building is geared toward middle-income residents. The building has a high-performing envelope and a human-centric design that prioritizes health through enhanced ventilation, filtration, source separation, and non-emitting materials. It uses water-efficient fixtures to reduce water use by over 40 percent. The team achieved a waste recycling rate of over 96 percent.

Project: Park Mozaik A Block, Ankara, Turkey
Photo courtesy of USGBC

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Seattle Apartment Complex Connects Residents With Nature

The seven-story, 384-unit mixed-use LEED Platinum project has unique street entrances designed to represent an environmental characteristic of the Northwest: mountains, meadows, forests, and waterways. These entrances act as passageways into the tree-filled courtyard that features a running stream. It includes a rooftop community garden, vegetated roof areas, and indoor/outdoor entertainment zones designed to connect residents to the outdoors.

Project: Sitka Apartments, Seattle
Design by Runberg Architecture Group
Photo courtesy of USGBC