Backyard Housing Unit 'Unfolds' in an Hour

Anyone with $200 and at least 400 square feet of open backyard space can reserve their spot to purchase one of the most unique modular home products on the market. (Well, almost on the market. The company is only taking orders at this time.)

Boxabl Folding Modular Home

The Boxabl Casita ($49,500) is designed as an accessory dwelling unit for existing properties. The unit comes standard with a full kitchen (standard fridge, double sink, oven, dishwasher, microwave, cabinets); full bathroom (shower/tub, sink, counter); and living space (bedroom, living rooms, washer/dryer).

But the coolest feature is the way the dwelling unit comes together. It's delivered on a flatbed, dropped into place (foundation work and site prep required), and it unfolds in about one hour into its final form.

The modules can be stacked and connected to create larger homes. Plumbing, electric, and HVAC come pre-installed, and the units are compatible with a number of foundation types (concrete footing, CMU wall, concrete wall, concrete, slab, etc.).

Modular Home
Floor plan of the Boxabl Casita