Entekra, 2020 winner of the Ivory Prize

The annual Ivory Prize aims to promote innovation in an industry that has long resisted it. In early 2018, Abby Ivory was working in impact investing—raising funds for projects that deliver positive social benefits—when her father came to her with a social problem he wanted her help addressing. The issue was housing affordability in the […]

meritage homes commits to clean air quality for all new construction

Meritage will continue its healthy building practices including using low VOC paints, spray foam insulation and sealed insulated ducts.

world's first on site 3D printed apartment building begins construction

Just two months after PERI announced the first 3D printed building in Germany, the company has revealed its latest innovative project: a 3D printed apartment building.

the next big opportunity for homebuilders home as a service

Home as a service would be especially useful for the complex equipment that goes into Thrive’s efficient homes, Rectanus finds. Not every HVAC technician knows how to service an energy recovery ventilator, for instance.