Data from NHTI Finds Rise in Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

The November Survey Insights Report from John Burns’ New Home Trends Institute shows the growing demand of outdoor entertainment spaces, and the value we put into them.
New Home Trends Institute November Survey Insights Report, Retreats at Haven outdoor kitchen

The yard in Retreats at Haven extends the cooking and entertaining opportunities of the home, flowing from the great room to the outdoors. Image copyright 2020 John Bare/DesignLens

Kitchens are important to the homebuyer, and essential for the builder to get right. Across all demographics and stages of life, the kitchen is valued as the focal point of any home. Many homeowners also view it as indicative of the quality of the rest of the property.

So what does it say, then, when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen? Will the emotional attachment carry over, and if not, is the sacrifice to other outdoor space options worth making?

Let’s find out.


According to the November Survey Insights Report from John Burns’ New Home Trends Institute (NHTI), outdoor spaces are used frequently by homeowners at all life stages. Over two-thirds of them use their outdoor spaces multiple times per week.

This is because homeowners put a lot of value in their outdoor spaces. Though all life stages of homeowners use outdoor spaces often, 65% of young and mature families find them very important.

New Home Trends Institute November Survey Insights Report: the importance of a home's outdoor space
Outdoor spaces are valued most by young and mature families, according to the survey. Photo courtesy NHTI

One reason that outdoor spaces may be so appealing is our latest desire to connect with nature. Those who work from home value the chance to step out into a green space, and can even utilize their outdoor areas during the workday—rather than just the afternoons and weekends.


Though just 4% of households currently have an outdoor kitchen, interest in the amenity has only gone up. Thirty-four percent of homeowners stated they would prioritize a cooking/dining space in an outdoor-focused remodel.

This data is also reflected in NHTI’s Annual Survey of Architecture in 2021. Sixty-eight percent of architectural designers most often included outdoor kitchens in their projects.

These kitchens, like the one featured in The New American Home 2022, might include a gas grill, bar sink, and flat-screen television for entertaining in those warm Florida evenings.

@constructutopia The New American Home has two kitchens and a bar/grill space on the roof 😯 sooo when do I move in? #thenewamericanhome #constructutopia #kitchen ♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

Obviously, location has a big say in which homeowners invest in an outdoor kitchen/bar. Homes in regions of heat—Texas, California, the Southwest—are more likely to have an outdoor kitchen than in colder climates—like the Northeast and Midwest.

New Home Trends Institute November Survey Insights Report: outdoor kitchens/bars by region in United States
Outdoor kitchens/bars are most popular in warm regions, like Texas and California. Photo courtesy NHTI

Overall, the data here suggests that it may be a wise investment for builders to add more outdoor kitchens into their planbook. Doing so might even increase property value by 2.2%, according to Zillow.

Kitchens aside, forward-thinking architects are anticipating a rise in the importance of outdoor entertainment—more so than an interior counterpart.

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