About Panasonic

Build with healthy air in mind 

As indoor air quality experts, Panasonic provides high-performance solutions that fit any ventilation, air purification and HVAC need. Our products ensure homes have the freshest, cleanest air possible that’s free of harmful substances, helping create healthy homes and healthy families.

Don't just breathe, Breathe Well. We breathe around 20,000 times per day. Many of our breaths go unnoticed, some feel very special. But what they all have in common is they fuel, comfort and energize us, making each and every one vital—not only to our survival, but to our quality of life. At Panasonic, we believe you have the choice to Breathe Well.

Panasonic’s ventilation, air purification and air conditioning expertise ensures your homes and workplaces have the freshest, cleanest air possible, free of harmful substances so that only the healthiest air remains. Choose to Breathe Well and know that with each breath you take—including every breath of delight, every breath of surprise, every breath of relief and every breath of excitement—you’ll not only be breathing well, but living well.

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