A Whole New World: Disney Dives into Residential Development

Put on your mouse ears, Mickey’s coming to town. The Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products team just announced its latest venture into developing Disney-themed communities.
Disney’s no stranger to magical experiences—now, they’re bringing the fun to a neighborhood near you

Disney’s no stranger to magical experiences—now, they’re bringing the fun to a neighborhood near you. Photo by David Garrison from Pexels

Disney recently announced its latest ambitious venture: Storyliving by Disney, a residential community development project that aims to create magical, Disney-themed neighborhoods.

Now, does this imply that going out for dinner means setting aside a 20% tip for Mickey Mouse? Those details are still vague as of now. However, the self-named Imagineers behind this Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products project ensure that their communities will “feature distinctively designed spaces, unique amenities, and Disney’s brand of world-renowned service.”

The first community to be developed under Disney’s guidance is in California’s Coachella Valley—an area that Walt Disney and his family would frequent from time to time. It’s name: Cotino.


The housing plan for Cotino includes 1,932 units split between estates, single-family homes, condos, and even a section for the 55+ crowd.

Disney plans for the development to be built around a 24-acre oasis centerpiece. According to Disney, residents may join a club membership that allows them waterfront clubhouse access, and a club-only beach area.

Back on land, however, Disney-trained staff will provide “legendary guest service” and manage the community association—as stated in Disney’s press release. Their planned mixed-use area will include a beachfront hotel, and a variety of shopping and entertainment options.

Each community that Disney plans to oversee will benefit from unique topographical features and amenities. The Imagineers will help devise creative concepts for each location, working closely with experienced developers and builders.

Disney’s Cotino will be built in close collaboration with DMB Development, a company quite familiar with building large-scale communities. Though Disney is chalk-full of creative talent, they acknowledge their need to partner with highly respected industry professionals when it comes to developing, building, and selling these community homes.

“Our consumers trust that experiences that Disney creates will be enriching, adventurous, and fun for all involved,” says Helen Pak, senior vice president, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products. “They all know that it will have that special Disney touch, attention to detail, and innovation.”

Regardless, it will be interesting to see what lies in store for Cotino and the future of Storyliving by Disney (after all, this is hardly the first time they’ve taken a stab at residential development). If Cotino ends up anything like Disney’s previous residential ventures, Golden Oak and Celebration, then prospective buyers can expect home prices to range anywhere from one to ten million dollars.

So maybe the next time you plan to see a Disney firework show, you won’t have to look further than your own backyard.

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