Eye-Catching Looks with Eye-Opening Benefits

By: Allura

The Perfect Location for Perfection Shingles

There are certain places that seem to scream for the rich and rustic look of cedar shingles. The Salish Lodge and Spa located in the picturesque Pacific Northwest is a perfect example. With its postcard-worthy cliffside perch overlooking the Snoqualmie Falls, the historic resort exudes the undeniable beauty and authenticity its wilderness setting demands. A rugged charm and character permeate the popular getaway both inside and out, thanks to its classic lodge architecture and ample use of wood and stone throughout. No wonder when it came time to replace portions of the exterior siding
some twenty years ago, the owners opted for the undeniable aesthetic of cedar. Regrettably, while it was the perfect look for the location, it was not the perfect material.

The Two Major Drawbacks of Cedar

No one can argue with the look of cedar. Yet, for all its beauty, the material has two very significant shortcomings: how it stands up and how it adds up. In both these key areas, cedar shingles score poorly. While cedar is one of the toughest woods available, it’s a porous material, nonetheless. So, like all wood, it absorbs moisture, making it prone to expansion and contraction and the resulting warping, cracking and splitting. Unfortunately, this inability to stand up to Mother Nature adds up. While the material price of cedar may be comparable to fiber cement initially, it can generate far more expenses after installation in terms of ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement. When you factor in a material’s lifetime costs, cedar suddenly looks a lot less appealing.

A Cure for the Common Shingle

A few years back, as part of ongoing maintenance and upkeep, the Salish Lodge and Spa set out to find a better siding solution. Given the resort’s daily soaking from the mist of the nearby falls and wide temperature fluctuations, the owners sought a siding product that wouldn’t expand and contract like wood, yet still deliver that rich, authentic aesthetic. Perfection Shingles from Allura were the ideal choice.

The Authentic Look of Wood

To even be considered as a siding material for this unique property, the product first needed to provide the distinctive look of wood shingles. Perfection Shingles passed this first test with flying colors. Allura took great care in engineering a genuine wood grain surface into this fiber cement innovation, which is available in either a rough-sawn cedar or combed texture. To complete the authentic aesthetic, Perfection Shingles feature grooved keyways to create the appearance of the gaps which would naturally fall

between individual shingles, as well as a 7/16” thick shadow line for more pronounced dimension.

Installs as Easy as Lap

Perfection Shingles were designed to produce extraordinary curb appeal with ordinary installation practices. This striking Allura siding goes up just as fast and easily as lap siding, thanks to its familiar 8.25” X 12’ plank sizes and straight-edge profile. It’s a win-win design, creating less work for the crew and less expense for the owner.

Stands Up to the Elements

Given the challenging environment of this Pacific Northwest retreat, upgrading to a more durable siding material was very attractive to the owners. After experiencing firsthand the warping, splitting and cracking of cedar shingles, they welcomed the peace of mind of Perfection Shingles’ 50-year warranty. The material’s Class A fire rating was also a major plus, especially in light of recent events in this part of the country.

Unsurpassed Durability

Perfection Shingles can be ordered pre-painted in 25 beautiful colors and 5 stain choices. Applied and baked on in an ideal climate-controlled factory setting, Allura Spectrum color delivers a more uniform coating that is 26% thicker than a field-applied finish. The high-tech process and natural color pigments in the formulation provide a coating that is so fade resistant and durable, the finish alone is backed by a 15-year warranty.

Not Just New. Improved!

Replacing the siding in phases afforded this unique opportunity to capture an eye-opening side-by-side comparison of traditional shingles and Perfection Shingles. The cedar version on the right, installed only 20 years ago, illustrates just how destructive the elements can be. Compare them to the Perfection Shingles on the left. While you can clearly see the dramatic difference they made overnight, the look will remain impeccable over time. And that something that makes Perfection Shingles even more attractive.