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Quinn Purcell is a graduate of Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and an emphasis in Multiplatform Journalism. He specializes in video, photography, copywriting, graphic design, and even music production. He currently serves as Managing Editor for Utopia and Building Design+Construction. When he's not working you can usually find Quinn at a local brewery, or watching true crime shows with his cat.

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Market Makers

What I Learned From the 2022 EEBA Summit

High-performance homebuilders have a lot on their plate. Here are a few prominent issues of heavy discussion taken from the 2022 EEBA Summit.

Professional builders in large room listening to speaker on stage

Build For Rent

6 Differences in Built-For-Rent Homes

Unlike their for-sale counterparts, build-for-rent (BFR) homes come with unique design opportunities. John Burns Real Estate Consulting shares six strategies for differentiating your BFR homes.

Happy couple unpacking boxes in new home


Meet the Utopia Editors at IBS 2023

Utopia editors are heading to Las Vegas for the 2023 NAHB International Builders' Show (IBS). Will we see you there?

Promotion for meeting the editors of online publication Utopia


The 14 Essential Patterns of Biophilic Design

For builders and homeowners alike, these 14 patterns of biophilic design offer a look into the most favorable ways biophilia can be incorporated into a home.

Biophilic design home kitchen with plant wall

Virtual Everything

Epic Games' Foray Into the Housing, Real Estate Industries

From architecture to real estate, the realm of computer-aided design hits new heights as more and more firms utilize the power of Epic Games’ Twinmotion and Unreal Engine.

Epic Games company logo surrounded by Autodesk logo, AEC firm logos, and NTRY logo.


Harvard Graduates Devise Community-Scale Geothermal Energy Solution

Over 150 students sought to find creative solutions to common industry problems during Ivory Innovation’s annual Hack-A-House competition.

Boston, Massachusetts building at daytime

Net Zero Homes

‘Save The Blue Flame’: The Answer in Exergy

No, it’s not a typo. Some believe exergy may be just as, if not more important, than energy efficiency. But what is it, and where does it fit in the era of sustainable homebuilding?

Match stick on fire with blue flame

3D Printing

Lennar and ICON Begin 100-Home 3D-Printed Community in Texas

The 3D-printed homes at Wolf Ranch begin construction as Lennar, ICON, and BIG break ground on their 100-home project in Georgetown, Texas.

Concept Render of 100-home 3D-printed community in Texas


Game-Changing Construction Automation with Diamond Age

This house is 3D-printed, but the naked eye knows no different. How? Diamond Age takes 3D printing to the next level with industrial scale robotics and automation.

Diamond Age 3D-printed home exterior in Arizona

Special Report

Top 5 New Rooms, Room Functions in Home Design

Research from the New Home Trends Institute shows which five new rooms (or room functions) architectural designers have been implementing in recent home designs.

Woman doing yoga with dog in home room

Offsite Construction

Modular, Modern Apartment Prototype ‘Cloud S’ Unveiled

Modular homebuilding meets manufacturing-like productization with the unveiling of the Cloud S, a modern dwelling for the modern renter.

Group standing in modular apartment unveiling event Cloud S

Virtual Everything

Younger Homes, Digibilt Partnership is Rashkin’s ‘Future of Housing'

Sam Rashkin encourages high-performance homebuilders to take after the likes of Younger Homes, who utilizes the latest virtual technology of Digibilt to efficiently build and sell custom homes.

Early render of mixed-use community Lago Place by Younger Homes and Digibilt

Net Zero Homes

Is ‘Net Zero Carbon’ The New ‘Net Zero Energy’?

Decarbonization, sustainability, and other progressive initiatives were hot subjects at this year’s EEBA High Performance Home Summit.

Smoke coming out of chimney stock image

Offsite Construction

6 Factors That Influence Builders’ Adoption of Modular Construction

Offsite construction is a viable option for homebuilding, but what should you know before getting into it? The New Home Trends Institute details six factors to consider for modular development.

Latham Street modular house in backyard

Offsite Construction

Module Launches Training Program for Building Modular Homes

The Last Mile Lab combines workforce training and industry innovation to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive way to build new housing.

Factory modular construction workers render drawing


5 Trends and Innovations in Exterior Design

In Utopia’s first webinar of 2022, expert home builders shared the latest trends and innovations in exterior design. Here are five key takeaways to help you on your next project.

Modern farmhouse exterior

Market Makers

Will King Wins ‘Best of Social’ for Jobsite Mascot: Moses!

Huber ‘Best of Social’ winner Will King traded fighting fires for designing and building better homes for his community. (And his pal, Moses!)

Homebuilder posing with dog in front of doghouse made from Zip tape

Net Zero Homes

The Secrets of Sustainable Homes (Advice from Homebuilders)

High-performance home building seems like a daunting feat, but simple tricks can go a long way. We’ve put together six pieces of advice from award-winning home builders on how to build and sell healthy, cost-effective homes.

Modern farmhouse on hill with windmills in back


‘Step Into The Light’ with These 4 Interior Lighting Considerations

In its latest white paper, national design firm Mary Cook Associates highlights several key lighting ideas for residential and multifamily spaces.

Twin bathroom mirrors with lighting around the back


From Fashion to Facade: How Homes are Getting Bolder and Edgier

How does the fashion industry influence exterior home design? Jeff Mulcrone of BSB Design shares four insights during Utopia’s Exterior Design Trends and Innovations webinar.

Transitional modern Farmhouse design, BSB Design


Exterior Materials: 3 Key Findings for the Next 3 Years

Stone or stucco; brown, bold? The New Home Trends Institute highlights these key material usage strategies for home exteriors. 

Modern home exterior on sunny day

Market Makers

McIntosh and Daughter Builds Better for Bonners Ferry

Huber ‘Best of Social’ award-winner Joel McIntosh uses his platform to learn from like-minded builders, while training young talent in building science best practices.

Man and daughter wearing matching shirts by a lake

Trade Workforce

The Diverse Talent of Tomorrow

“Diversity isn't a fad,” according to Dr. Charner Rodgers. What does the talent of tomorrow look like, and how can employers create workspaces that reflect that?

University students studying on campus

3D Printing

Could University Partnerships Advance 3D Construction Printing Further?

Workforce development, technical training, advancing industry knowledge... Is there a way we can leverage colleges and universities to aid in the evolution of 3D construction printing technology?

University library with rows of students working on laptops

Smart Home

Smart Air Quality Control with Swidget

Swidget Smart Controls marries smart device automation with Panasonic’s indoor air quality management—but the modular product does much more than that.

Panasonic Swidget inserts grid


4 Interior Design Considerations for Promoting Well-Being

In its latest white paper, national design firm Mary Cook Associates takes a scientific approach to pinpoint four essential areas to increase residents’ health and wellness.

Interior office space blue walls


5 Ways to Consistently Deliver Good Housing Design

The way a house is designed has a great impact on the user experience—good or bad. What are some ways that builders can consistently deliver good housing design? Sam Rashkin shares 50 best practices from his comprehensive framework of Housing 2.0.

Naturally lit living room in high-rise building with city view

3D Printing

What Else Could We Print Houses Out Of?

Hempcrete, synthetic cement, polypropylene, the list goes on… Many 3D construction printing companies are studying what other materials we could use in printing homes. What solutions are the most likely to make it?

Circular building being 3d printed by robotics

Market Makers

Healthy Homes Built by Teens, from Foundation to Trim

Matt Blomquist, one of the many builders making their mark on social media, wins Huber Engineered Woods’ Best of Social Award for community engagement. Here’s how he teaches his students to build an entire home from foundation to trim.

Student cutting wood for residential house construction

3D Printing

Robots and Prefabs and Printing, Oh My!

Mighty Buildings utilizes automation, ultraviolet light, and more innovations to 3D-print its prefabricated homes. What else do they do differently?

Mighty Buildings presentation 3d printed panels

Virtual Everything

The ‘Collaboratory’ Brings Digital Innovation to the Classroom

The University of Denver is launching the classroom of the future, bringing an immersive digital lab to students in the School of Real Estate & Construction Management.

Barbara Jackson at the groundbreaking Collaboratory ceremony


Dynamic Glass Brings New Energy Savings to the Residential Market

Glass Dyenamics brings electrochromic glass technology to the residential market for the first time—and even has the Department of Energy to back them up.

REsidential home front porch with electrochromic glass windows

Women In Construction

The House That SHE Built Emphasizes Empowering Women in Construction

This Utah home was built by industry tradeswomen and women-owned companies. Here’s how it breaks the mold of what homebuilding should look like.

The House That SHE Built from PWB in Utah

Passive House

How to Make Any Home a Passive House

The Passive House Standard can be hard to achieve with existing buildings. EnerPHit provides multiple solutions for certifying retrofits with Passive House components.

Black and White house photo stock photo


5 Kitchen Trends ‘Set To Explode’ in 2022

Interior design experts provided insight on commonly cited kitchen trends in the New Home Trends Institute’s March Survey Insights Report.

Clean modern kitchen design trend for 2022

3D Printing

5 Biggest Barriers of 3D Construction Printing

Black Buffalo 3D, Alquist, and more 3D construction printing companies discuss the current challenges that come with building 3D printed homes.

Alquist 3d printed house using Black Buffalo 3D printer


NAR Survey Highlights the Need to Talk About Sustainability

A March 2022 survey of realtors indicates clients’ interest in energy-efficient homes, the value of promoting sustainability, and the best ways of communicating wants and needs with builders.

Realtors, builders, and buyers can learn tips to communicate sustainability needs

3D Printing

Alquist Announces Project Virginia: 200 3D Printed Homes

In the world’s largest 3D printed construction project, Alquist plans to build 200 homes throughout Virginia in the next five years.

Black Buffalo 3D printing a house with Alquist

Virtual Everything

First Virtual Tool for the Real Estate Metaverse

NTRY announces the first one-to-one scale digital real estate metaverse, powered by 3D Cityscapes and Unreal Engine 5. For some realtors and homebuyers, it’s a step into the future of buying.

Toronto, Canada cityscape at night

Offsite Construction

Modular Cloud Apartments That 'Snap' Together

Cloud Apartments envision a renters-first mindset to modular housing: sleek, innovative, and affordable.

Curtis Wong founded Cloud Apartments in 2021 after deciding to dedicate his time to improving prefabricated housing as a solution to the country’s housing shortage


Data from NHTI Finds Rise in Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

The November Survey Insights Report from John Burns’ New Home Trends Institute shows the growing demand of outdoor entertainment spaces, and the value we put into them.

New Home Trends Institute November Survey Insights Report, Retreats at Haven outdoor kitchen

Tiny Home

Study Shows What Americans Really Think About Tiny Homes and ADUs

Interest in ADUs and Tiny Homes have skyrocketed over the past few years. HomeAdvisor surveyed 1,800 Americans to find out what makes these dwellings both attractive and concerning.

Though similar, accessory dwelling units must be installed on a permanent foundation, while tiny homes do not.

Passive House

A 2022 Update on Passive House Standards

Phius (Passive House Institute US) has updated its Passive House certification standards for 2021 onward—with net zero as the goal.

Passive Homes focus on air-tight insulation, efficient mechanical systems, and heat recovery

Research Report

Housing Demand Remains Steady, But For Long?

78 builders answered the monthly Homebuilder Survey by BTIG/HomeSphere. Here’s what they had to say about sales, expectations, and incentives for March 2022.

Housing demand remains steady but lack of low rates may cause that to change, according to the BTIG/HomeSphere survey

3D Printing

[UPDATED] 3D Printed Housing Conference to Answer Consumer Questions

This May, all of the big players in the 3D printed homes market came together for an educational two-day conference. Here’s how to get all your 3D printing questions answered.

Europe’s first 3D printed three-story residential building, printed using COBOD’s 3D-construction printer BOD2


Sleek and Green, These Solar Panels Are Customizable

Mitrex’s solar panels come with fully customizable designs, from solid colors to limitless patterns.

Mitrex wants to turn the average building facade into a self-sustaining micro power plant

Net Zero Homes

Stanford Engineers Create Solar Panels That Work at Night

A breakthrough invention by a team of Stanford researchers allow solar panels to begin generating energy at night.

Solar panels that generate energy at night, new solar cells by Standford engineers

Offsite Construction

The Modular Mark: Prefab Pros and Cons

What’s the deal with modular homes, and does public perception of the practice affect the way we view them? These offsite builders give their input.

Module housing development Black Street stacks pieces of a home by way of crane.

Smart Home

4 Simple Smart Tech Solutions for Builders

“New tech” this and “smart device” that—how am I supposed to know what’s best for my build? Look no further, for here are the simple smart tech solutions you need to get started on.

Homeowners want smart tech, but not just any new device. Security and safety seem to be the way to go

Market Makers

Lok-N-Blok Enters the Fray as New Building Category

From an idea sparked by a children’s toy, to an entirely new category of building, Lok-N-Blok makes waves in the industry as a solution to both material and labor shortages.

Inspired by the ease of building toys, Greg Siener and his Lok-N-Blok team have launched a new way of building, and just at the right time

Business Tools

Foot Traffic Tech Tells All

Placer.ai uses human mobility data to track area trends—a tool builders could utilize for a leg-up in the market.

Placer can be used to validate demand in an area, giving insight on where is best to build, according to the company


How Healthy is My Home? Survey Says… Not Very

A recent survey by Panasonic finds that builders and homeowners alike are unaware of just how poor our indoor air quality is.

Panasonic Indoor Air Quality Survey finds that although homeowners prioritize a healthy home, they’re unaware just how poor their IAQ really is.

Research Report

What’s in Consumers’ Dream Home? New AIM Study Finds Out

What are the biggest differences between what homeowners want and what they have? Surprisingly, it involves the bathroom—and beyond.

AIM study finds from wine cellars to bidets, here’s what homebuyers want in their dream home

Women In Construction

Women in Construction: Jordan Crouse Builds Bridges, Not Walls (Q&A)

Jordan Crouse oversees massive multifamily projects with aplomb and a green thumb. Here's her story on industry passion, pains, and shifting perspectives for women in construction.

Jordan Crouse, senior project manager, Lendlease headshot

Women In Construction

Women in Construction: Rachael Dolecki Maintains Site Safety (Q&A)

Rachael Dolecki has spent a decade managing the safety of construction sites. Here's her story on industry passion, pains, and shifting perspectives for women in construction.

Rachael Dolecki, safety manager, McHugh Construction headshot

Research Report

Multifamily Survey: Top Features and Amenities from 221,000 Renters

The 2022 Renter Preferences Survey Report by the National Multifamily Housing Council and Grace Hill finds what residents desire most—and how much they’re willing to pay for it.

2022 NMHC and Grace Hill survey. Photo by jimmy teoh from Pexels

Women In Construction

Women in Construction: Rose Rodriguez Finds Her Voice (Q&A)

Rose Rodriguez turned her love for math and Legos into a fulfilling career in engineering. Here's her story on industry passion, pains, and shifting perspectives for women in construction.

Rose Rodriguez, director of structural engineering, BKV Group headshot

Healthy Home

Kicking Gas and Taking Names

Gas cooking is coming under fire, not only for its harsh environmental impact, but also the health of those who use it. It’s time for a magnetic shift.

Gas stovetops expose people to unhealthily high levels of toxins and are less effective overall when compared to induction

Smart Home

Holy Moley! World’s First Fully Robotic Kitchen

Dinner is served—but not by mom and dad. The Moley kitchen cooks for you with the touch of a button, and the twist of its two robot arms.

Moley, the robotic kitchen, comes loaded with much more than a handful of recipes


Biggest Causes (and Solutions) of Home Air Contamination

Every day we consume 31 lbs. of air. How can we make sure the air we breathe in our home is purified, filtrated, and healthy?

Keeping our homes’ humidity between 30% and 60% can reduce the risk of infections, asthma, and cognitive impairment

Women In Construction

Breaking Barriers, Because We Have To

The industry is in dire need for talent. Creating an inclusive culture for women and underrepresented minorities might just be the best chance of closing the gap.

Four recommendations from Teilachanell Angel, Misty Farrell, offer proactive and intentional strategies to hiring and maintaining women in construction.


A Whole New World: Disney Dives into Residential Development

Put on your mouse ears, Mickey’s coming to town. The Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products team just announced its latest venture into developing Disney-themed communities.

Disney’s no stranger to magical experiences—now, they’re bringing the fun to a neighborhood near you

Research Report

Buckle Up, Material Shortage Likely to Remain Throughout 2022

Builders rank material price and availability as the biggest problems they faced in 2021—and expect to remain in 2022.

Pexels Pixabay boat shipping supply, building material shortage


The Best of NAHB’s International Builders’ Show 2022

Though nearly 500 individual industry awards were presented at this year’s show, judges found seven companies with notably innovative and sustainable products.

This education for most memorable products on the show floor at IBS 2022

Research Report

Home is What You Make It — So Make It Right

Research from the New Home Trends Institute confirms that we are really attached to our homes. What can builders and architects do to make their development a must-have for any buyer?

The kitchen is by far the biggest make-or-break space for homebuyers


Power, Water, and Heat: 3 Ways to Beat the Barriers

The Housing Innovation Alliance showcases three inventive companies that can help builders and buyers take action today.

Electric panel has little innovation in nearly a century

Virtual Everything

Architecture Firm Uses VR to Design Homes

Imagine touring a new property, walking its corridors, and looking out into the city from the roofdeck, all from the comfort of your home. It’s not 'The Matrix,' it’s virtual reality.

JZMK Partners uses virtual reality technology to design more intuitively

Utopia Webinars

5 of the Best Ways for Builders to Go Electric

In Utopia’s final webinar of 2021, industry experts discussed the do’s and don'ts of an all-electric home build. Here are 5 takeaways from the Building Smart and Sustainable Homes discussion.

Getting rid of gas stoves may make buyers weary, but don’t worry, they’ll come around

Utopia Webinars

4 Focuses for a Zero Energy Ready Home Build

The Utopia on-demand webinar for November 2021 featured an expert panel of leading net-zero home builders. They shared how builders can get to zero energy ready in their projects, and how to market that to the buyer.

Home builders benefit from creating a zero energy ready home through the use of solar panel preparations, efficient insulation, and more

Research Report

300 Architects Identify the Top Home Design Trends for 2021-2023

Research from the New Home Trends Institute shows what interior and exterior design trends we may have in store for the next few years.

The “look and feel” of a home is one of the most important factors for designers, according to the survey


Key Takeaways from Housing Innovation Alliance’s Future of Housing Event

The half-day event from HIA came loaded with hours of insights, suggestions, and a debate on the future of the housing industry. Let us break it down for you.

Expert panel of leaders, facilitated by John Burns, debate technology, build-for-rent, innovations, and more


10 Design Tips for Building Net Zero Ready Homes

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home Program is a list of criteria for builders to follow in order to achieve an affordable net-zero home. Experts from EEBA’s Extended Summit webinar have provided a roadmap for getting started.

Simple roof design allows for solar panels to be installed effectively, and safe on labor and material costs.


Top Services for Pets at Multifamily Housing Developments for 2021

Dog parks and washing stations top the list of most desired pet services at multifamily housing developments, according to research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.

Monthly grooming and daily walks are some popular pet services for multifamily units in 2021


Top 10 Security Services at Multifamily Housing Developments for 2021

Keyless entryways, video surveillance, and wireless connectivity top the list for desired security systems at multifamily housing developments, according to research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.

CCTV systems remain high on the list of desired security systems at multifamily developments in 2021.


Here’s Why We Need to Reconnect With Nature and Embrace Biophilic Design

Working from home has us feeling trapped by our four walls. People are connecting with nature now more than ever, so why not bring the outside in?

Ample natural light and exposed stone fixtures are just some of the best biophilic design practices


“Thanks Boomers” — Millennials Point to Older Generations for Lack of Home Affordability

In a new five-part study on Millennial homeownership, the Legal & General Group finds that young prospective homebuyers blame Generation X and Baby Boomers for lack of availability and affordability. But even though Millennials resent older generations, they also depend on them to buy a home—so where does the issue really lie?

Older generations are buying starter homes, leaving Millennials unable to purchase property, according to Legal & General report.

Passive House

Utopia’s Passive House Resource Guide

Passive House design is energy-efficient, but may require a bit of extra planning. Here are nine resources to ensure you’re in the right hands when implementing Passive House principles in your own project.

Passive homes are super-insulated buildings that provide energy efficiency and more benefits

Net Zero Homes

Power Your Home With Your Car: Bidirectional Charging Is Here

The revolutionary technology of bidirectional electric vehicle charging allows homeowners to power their home appliances, electronics, and more.

Bidirectional car charging will let homeowner power their home using energy from their electric vehicle

Live, Work, Play

Growing Old Never Felt So New

New Martha’s Vineyard development emphasizes connection and wellness through “flex rooms” and unique technology implementations.

Living room in the CapeBuilt project, sleek and modern interior design

Passive House

Carbon-Neutral Community of Passive Homes Coming to New York

The Catskill Project aims to deliver 90 acres of single family homes in “one of the most energy efficient residential developments in the Greater New York Area,” according to project leaders.

First carbon-neutral model Passive Home in Livingston Manor, N.Y

Net Zero Homes

Nearly 28,000 Zero Energy Ready Home Up-And-Running in North America

The 2021 EEBA study shows the shifting landscape of zero energy ready homes, and how the homebuilding business drives the demand.

Mandalay Homes is one of the largest builders of zero energy ready homes in the Southwest. Pictured: Mandalay's Mountain Gate community in Clarkdale, Arizona; photo courtesy EEBA.


The ‘5 Ps’ Shaping Function and Livability in Today’s Home Design

National design firm Mary Cook Associates published its third white paper in a series on the fundamentals of interior design. Here’s how the increase in working from home and other lifestyle changes have affected the multifamily and single-family development process, and what designers can do to adapt.

Multifamily and single-family housing developments benefit from various recreational spaces such as outdoor lounges and pools

Research Report

79 Homebuilders Discuss Latest Industry Trends and Concerns in BTIG Survey

Builders remain cautious, though optimistic about the operating environment and pricing trends in October.

Homebuilders remain optimistic despite decrease in demand, according to BTIG/HomeSphere survey


Top 10 Business and Technology Services at Multifamily Housing Developments for 2021

Conference rooms, free Wi-Fi, and co-working spaces are some of the most common business and technology services at multifamily housing developments, according to new research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.

Conference room ranks number one for multifamily housing business and technology services


Affordable Housing Design Toolkit Promotes Health and Well-Being

Funded by a $20,000 ASID Foundation Grant, a team of public health experts and researchers have assembled best design practices for housing developers.

Northtown Library and Apartments provides the community a civic space, an essential part of a healthy, affordable housing experience


Top 10 Convenience Services at Multifamily Housing Developments for 2021

Bicycle storage, package delivery, and charging stations for electric vehicles top the rankings of the most popular convenience services at multifamily housing developments, according to research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.

Electric vehicle charging stations rank third for top 10 convenience services at multifamily housing developments


Top 10 Recreation Amenities at Multifamily Housing Developments for 2021

Gaming rooms, walking paths, and billiards top the rankings of the most popular recreation amenities at multifamily housing developments, according to research from UTOPIA's sister media brand, Multifamily Design+Construction.

Billiards/pool table is number one for most popular multifamily housing amenities

Research Report

More Findings And Takeaways From NAHB's ‘What Home Buyers Really Want’ Survey

The National Association of Home Builders looks into how the pandemic affected  home buying in this 2021 survey.

Family moving into new home. Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

3D Printing

Lennar Unveils Plan to Build a Community of 3D-Printed Homes in Texas

How 100 homes could shape the future of homebuilding forever.

Redner of Austin 3D-Printed Home Community, Courtesy of Lennar, BIG, and ICON

Research Report

First-Generation Homebuyers Have Their Parents to Thank: BofA Study

A recent report from Bank of America shows how the family unit both prepares and assists first-generation owners in buying their first home.

First-Generation Homebuyers Have Their Parents to Thank: BofA Study ConstructUtopia