[UPDATED] 3D Printed Housing Conference to Answer Consumer Questions

This May, all of the big players in the 3D printed homes market came together for an educational two-day conference. Here’s how to get all your 3D printing questions answered.
Europe’s first 3D printed three-story residential building, printed using COBOD’s 3D-construction printer BOD2

3D printing market makers hope to answer industry questions at the May 2022 conference. Pictured: Europe’s first 3D-printed three-story residential building, printed using COBOD’s 3D construction printer BOD2. Photo courtesy COBOD

What makes 3D printing with concrete so hard? How can you get a building permit for a 3D printed building? How will 3D printing change architecture as we know it?

These questions and more were the focus of a conference dedicated to answering 3D printing construction questions.

Hosted by Ctrl C Construction, the two day-long virtual conference featured almost a dozen 3D printing experts and industry leaders.


From Alquist—an affordable housing developer and Habitat for Humanity supporter—to Mighty Buildings—a construction technology company with a modular focus—all of the major players in the 3D printing market were there.

The 3D printer machine builders like COBOD, Cybe, Apis Cor, Twente AM, Black Buffalo and many others spoke as well.

Each speaker also answered questions from the live Q&A feed, where members of the audience got to learn more about their companies and methods.

The online conference took place on May 9th and 10th via Zoom. Anyone and everyone interested in 3D printed construction were invited to attend.

The conference schedule can be downloaded using the button below (under the video).

Recordings of the event will also be available for ticket holders afterwards (we will update you when that happens).

For a preview of what’s to come, check out an interview with Stephan Mansour, construction 3D printing specialist, on 3D printed construction building codes and permits.

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