3D Printing

The United States' first multi-story 3D printed house will use a hybridized design approach that couples 3DCP innovations with tried-and-true wood framing techniques.

California-based Azure Printed Homes 3D prints accessory dwelling units using recycled plastic.

Hempcrete, synthetic cement, polypropylene, the list goes on… Many 3D construction printing companies are studying what other materials we could use in printing homes. What solutions are the most likely to make it?

Research from Hubs.com finds that 3D printed homes are the world's most anticipated innovation, according to Google.

Mighty Buildings utilizes automation, ultraviolet light, and more innovations to 3D-print its prefabricated homes. What else do they do differently?

Black Buffalo 3D, Alquist, and more 3D construction printing companies discuss the current challenges that come with building 3D printed homes.

In the world’s largest 3D printed construction project, Alquist plans to build 200 homes throughout Virginia in the next five years.

This May, all of the big players in the 3D printed homes market came together for an educational two-day conference. Here’s how to get all your 3D printing questions answered.